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Tree trekking

Tree trekking is an exciting forest activity which is quickly gaining popularity all over Karuizawa.
 Enjoy various activities on treetops while suspended in the air, while wearing a special safety harness, of course.

This tree trekking facility in Miyoshi City was the first one to open in Shikoku back in July 2016.


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The facility is located at Amici Adventure Shikoku within River Station West-West, a tourist attraction in Yamashirocho, Miyoshi City. Here, you can enjoy tree trekking while taking in the amazing view of Oboke Gorge.

There are 4 courses and 55 attractions mounted on stages at a height of 5m. It is the largest facility of its kind in Western Japan.
Cross suspension bridges, jump from tree to tree, and glide down a wire right above the gushing Yoshino River. It’s guaranteed to be a thrill!

The time required for this activity is 30 minutes to 1 hour.Safety harnesses will be provided so kids can also participate safely.