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The assignor and assignee (hereunder The Companies) shall respond to the Customer's trust in acquiring, using, and managing the Customer's personal information appropriately by complying with all laws and company rules on personal information.

  1. (1)Compliance of laws
    1. 1.The Companies shall comply with all laws on personal information.
    2. 2. The Companies shall develop in-house rules on the handling of personal information, keep the employees and individuals associated with both companies informed, and provide necessary guidance and supervision.
  2. (2)Safety control
    1. 1.There shall be a manager in charge of the handling of personal information in each business operation.
    2. 2.The Companies shall take measures to safeguard against unauthorized access of personal information, as well as loss, destruction, alteration, falsification, or divulging thereof.
  3. (3)Collection of personal information

    The Companies shall collect personal information through legal and fair means after disclosing the following points.

    1. 1.The reasons for collecting and using personal information.
    2. 2.If there is a plan to supply personal information to third parties, the purpose and scope.
  4. (4)The use, provision, and entrusting of personal information
    1. 1.If personal information is to be used, its use shall remain within the scope of declared purposes.
    2. 2.If part or all of the personal information that the Companies retain is to be supplied to a third party, or if its processing is to be entrusted to another party, the party to which it is supplied or entrusted shall be selected fairly, and they shall be given the necessary guidance and supervision in handling the information in the same manner as the Companies.
  5. (5)Ensuring accuracy

    The Companies shall strive to ensure that all personal data is correct and up to date.

  6. (6)Respect for the rights of individuals

    The Companies shall respect the rights of all guests pertaining to their personal information and shall respond to individuals' requests for disclosure, amendment, disuse, or deletion of their data within reasonable bounds and time limits.

  7. (7)Continuous improvement

    The Companies shall continuously make improvements in the handling of personal information.