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It is said that Shikoku is ahead of the rest of Japan by 20 years in depopulation and by ten years in the increase in the population aging rate.
Shikoku does not have a large city with a population exceeding a million and does not even have a Shinkansen line.
You will see so many vacant properties and shops when you walk through town.
Some may think that "Shikoku is behind" if they focus only on this condition.
That is not the case for us.

We have farmlands which our ancestors created on steep mountainsides, crops that are cultivated according to the climate and environmental conditions, food culture, festivals dedicated to Shinto gods and Buddhist deities, and the people who are striving to create new values while carrying on the traditions.
We want people to discover and feel with their five senses the stories unique to the communities that are dotted around Shikoku by taking an extended holiday to see how it is like to live here.

4S STAY aims to provide assurance and cleanliness that are on par with hotels and friendly services to support your travels through Shikoku.
We hope to continue to work with the communities to operate 4S STAY guesthouses that are about local stories to increase the number of visitors to Shikoku.

4S STAY is the name of the brand of lodging houses operated by JR Shikoku.

About us

Lodging house proprietor

4S STAY Awaikeda Ekimae / 4S STAY Awaikeda Honmachi St.

Company name
Shikoku Railway Company
Established in
April 1987
Business description
Passenger railway business, travel industry, other related businesses.

Lodging house operation trustees

4S STAY Awaikeda Ekimae / 4s STAY Awaikeda Honmachi St.

Company name
Ourai Co., Ltd.
Established in
February 2017
Business description
Lodging house business, restaurant management, event management