Stay in the town as if you live there.

An inn where you can spend time
in Awa-Ikeda.


Miyoshi City is located in the western part of Tokushima.
A little north of tourist attractions such as Oboke and Iya,
There is a place called Awa Ikeda where time flies slowly.
Feel the rich nature that grows over time,
experience the charming townscape of old merchant houses,
spend an unforgettable evening with the local food.
A place where time flows uniquely to this land,
Let's spend some time as if we live there.


Unforgettable memories.
4S STAY offers three different type of facilities.
It is a great place to stay when traveling with friends and family. And also, It can be used as a resting place to relieve the fatigue of traveling alone.

Old folk house inn Awaikeda Ekimae

An old private inn that is renovated townhouse in the shopping district in front of the station. A store where you can casually enjoy the history of a town that flourished with Awa shredded tobacco.

(5 rooms)

Sweet color inn Ikeda Onsenyoko

An inn where you can enjoy a "colorful" space that reflects the local colors of Shikoku. Will make your trip to Awa-Ikeda even more enjoyable.

(8 rooms)

Private inn

~Limited to 2 groups per day~
Private inn Awaikeda Honmachi St.

A special inn renovated a former kimono shop that was established over 120 years ago and limited to two groups per day.
Please enjoy the space where you can feel the history of Awa Ikeda.

Food culture has developed to adapt the local natural environment.
Awa Ikeda has many dishes unique to this area.
Let's enjoy Awa-Ikeda's food at Ekimae-dori shopping street, where Awa-Ikeda's food is gathered.

Miyoshi City inTokushima has many tourist attractions that can only be found here.
Oboke is a beautiful valley created over 200 million years, You can experience the rapids and clear waters of nature with Rafting.
You can enjoy many activities such as "Iya Bridge'', which is related to the "Heike legend"

Coworking Space Office "Hanare"

This is a coworking space located on the premises of the private inn Awa Ikeda Honmachi Dori. The space is open to anyone and can be used for a wide range of purposes, including work, study, and remote jobs.


About 4S STAY

4S STAY is an inn offeres hotel-like comfort, cleanliness, and hospitality.
Respecting the local culture and history of buildings,
Each inn has a different texture and color tone.
Please enjoy your time with an unique story rooted in Shikoku by relaxing as if you live there.