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Three Days in Summer Awa Odori Fires up Ikeda

Awa Odori

Among Awa Odori festivals, the “Ikeda Awa Odori” is said to be the biggest in the western Tokushima prefecture area.
Starting with the eve of the festival on August 13th, the festival encompasses the three days from the 14th to the 16th. Centered in the area around JR Awa-Ikeda Station, about 30 separate groups of dancers bring the city to life with their boisterous dances.
The fusion of graceful female dancing and lively male dancing makes this a sight to be seen.

The festival begins on the 14th, and the different sites at Hesokko Park next to JR Awa-Ikeda Station and Sakaemachidoori, Oodoori, and Ekimaedoori have changing schedules daily with a total of about 30 groups of dancers on display.
There are about 800 paid seats along Sakaemachidoori where you can sit down to relax and watch the dancers. In addition, there are also numerous performances you can watch for free.

Seeing the lively group dancing right in front of you will really leave an impression!
Some of the dancing groups allow people to jump in and take part, so the spectators can join in on the fun.
How about taking on the challenge of joining in an Awa Odori dance to create an unforgettable memory?