4S STAY Awaikeda Sta.

Feel like an Awa-Ikeda local and
come see every nook and cranny of Shikoku.
Our conveniently located lodging
is open starting from November 17th.

Be extravagant for a moment

Let us share our culture
with you as you treat yourself
to our local sake and
specially seasoned food.

Awaikeda, OUR IKEDA

Our Ikeda is a place not just for locals,
but also for our beloved guests,
where captivating shops and
fascinating people await.



Awa-Ikeda Udatsu House/Tobacco Museum

Since the Edo period, the mountainous areas of Ikeda-cho, in Miyoshi, the growing of tobacco known as Awa leaves was popular, and from the Bakumatsu until the Meiji period, the industry of cut tobacco, known as "Awa cuts", thrived.

Enjoy the Awaikeda

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Stay in the whole area of Awaikeda

  • Guest room

    Take it easy and relax in our clean and peaceful guest rooms.

    We have five unique rooms that each show off the personality of Shikoku, and are perfect for groups and families. We provide the comfort and cleanliness of a hotel, with the hospitality you only find at an inn.

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  • Cafe dining

    Our dining area where you can enjoy local food and drink

    We absolutely recommend anyone staying with us enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the heso salon. The heso salon is also open to all customers, so feel free to stop on by whenever you like.

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