Privacy policy

Fundamental Policy

The assignor, the Shikoku Railway Company, and the assignee, Ourai Co., Ltd. (henceforth referred to as “assignor and assignee”), are in compliance with all laws, ordinances, and internal regulations, and other standards concerning the handling of personal information, and both assignor and assignee conduct the acquisition, use, and management of this information in a suitable manner trustable by our guests.

Regarding the handling of personal information

(1) Compliance with standards

  1. We comply with all laws and ordinances regarding personal information.
  2. We have developed our own internal standards for the handling of personal information, and employees of and individuals otherwise related to assignor and assignee receive the required training and supervision regarding the dissemination of this information.

(2) Safety

  1. All business operations in which personal information is handled are carefully managed.
  2. We take measures to safeguard against the wrongful accessing of personal information, as well as the loss, destruction, alteration, falsification, or divulging thereof.

(3) Gathering of personal information

At the time of gathering any personal information, the below items are made clear to the individual using lawful and fair means.

  1. The reason for the gathering and use of the information
  2. In the case that the information will be made available to any party, both the reason for and extent of such.

(4) The use, provision, and entrusting of personal information

  1. If personal information is to be used, its use shall remain within the scope of the reason for its use.
  2. If part or all of the personal information that assignor or assignee retain is to be supplied to a third party, or if its processing is to be entrusted to another party, the party to which it is supplied or entrusted will be selected reasonably, and they will have proper supervision, instruction, and handling of the information in the manner of assignor and assignee.

(5) Ensuring accuracy

We will strive to ensure that all personal data is correct and up to date.

(6) Individual rights and respect

We respect all guests’ rights pertaining their personal information, and if any individual requests that his or her information be released, amended, not used, or erased, we will respond to an appropriate extent within a reasonable timeframe.

(7) Continual improvement

We will continually work to improve ourselves and ensure we are handling personal information properly.