Our dining area where you can enjoy
local food and drink.

Cafe dining

Because we think of ourselves as the crossroads of Shikoku, we mainly offer Shikoku specialties. Our lunch menu features Awa Odori Chicken, Iya Valley Wild Game, and Handa Somen Noodles, as well as sweets and drink. Then for dinner, in addition to our local delicacies, you can also relax with Tokushima craft beer, Ikeda sake, Shikoku shochu, or wine.
(Open from AM9:00 〜 PM11:00)

■ Lunch Menu
・Iya Valley Game Hot Dog, seasonal dishes like Handa Somen Noodles, and more
■ Dinner Menu
・Local Smoked Bacon, Iwa Tofu Tartare, Wild Game, and more
■ Deserts and Drinks
・Ice Cream, Cake, Coffee, Awa Tea, Local Sake, and more