Winter Events in Awa-Ikeda

In the winter, Miyoshi City is decked out with snowy scenery. Let’s spend the winter in good spirits with a variety of fun events that will allow us to enjoy the cold, rather than dread it.

Ikeda Winter Objets

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This annual symbol of the season marks the coming of winter. Approximately 100,000 illuminations color the city of Miyoshi with light.
The fronts of the various houses are also decorated with objets made of light.

・Date / Beginning of December ~ Beginning of January
・Venue / Hessoko Park and others

Christmas Event

Enjoy Christmas at Ikawa Ski Resort Kainayama!
Santa Claus is there to deliver presents to the children.
There will also be a lottery where you can win great prizes.

・Date / Around Christmas in December
・Venue / Ikawa Ski Resort Kainayama

Ikeda Ebisu Festival

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This festival is for praying for business success and the prosperity of the region. There are also rituals for purification and offering sake to the gods for worshippers.
You can also enjoy the shops selling fukuzasa (lucky bamboo branches) and bamboo branches, zenzai (red bean soup), and throwing fuku-mochi.

・Date / January 10
・Venue / Ikeda Nakamachi Ebisu Shrine

Shikoku Snowball Fight Tournament

This is a “sports snowball fight” tournament based on the official rules. The “Shikoku League”, where teams compete for the right to participate in the “Japan Snowball Fight Championship Tournament” held in Nagano Prefecture, is sure to thrill you!
There is also an “Enjoy League” for people who want to play casually, a “Junior League” and “Little Kid League” for children, and a “Snowball Fight Experience Course” for beginners.

・Date / Beginning of January
・Venue / Iyashi no Onsenkyo Grounds

Fureai Snow Festival in Kainayama

A winter event held at Ikawa Ski Resort Kainayama, Shikoku’s most historic ski resort. There will be a treasure hunt for kids, a children’s sled race, and a lottery.

・Date / Beginning of February
・Venue / Ikawa Ski Resort Kainayama

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